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About The Illinois State Archaeological Society

The Illinois State Archaeological Society (ISAS) is a society of collectors of prehistoric artifacts Focused on the geographic area of Illinois. Our goal is to research and record that history and pass down our passion to future generations. The Society was formed in the spring of 1936; atthat time there were only 76 members, some of whom are well-known such as B.W. Stephens, Byron Knoblock, Greg Perino, P. F. Titterington, Warren K. Moorehead, and Judge Claude Stone. The Society is also one of the original groups to form The Central States Archaeological Society along with Greater St. Louis and Indiana on April 18, 1954. From its early days the ISAS has hosted numerous artifact shows throughout the state, including the largest currently in the country, the Collinsville show. It couldn’t have organized all those shows without its members, and the original 76 in 1936 grew to over 700 in the mid to late 2000s. I hope we can get back to that number and hopefully even break a thousand.

Our members are the best any society could ask for. They are more than willing to help fellow collectors and professional archaeologists alike. As you all know, some of the most important sites and artifacts in the entire study of prehistoric man have come from our state.

Our members receive four quarterly Central States journals and Illinois state society newsletters that are both full of great stories about collecting and society sponsored events, including occasional opportunities to assist professional archaeologists. If you know of anyone who would be interested in joining, please send them our way.

Tristen J. Arnold President ISAS October 15th, 2021

ISAS Membership Benefits

Society members will receive four issues per year of the nationally recognized “Central States Archaeological Journal.” This journal is packed full of pictures of relics and collectors, both old and new, as well as articles about a variety of topics including: artifacts, ancient civilizations, collecting stories, and scientific articles.  The journal is a great resource to use for finding shows in not only your member state, but also regionally located shows if you like to travel.  You will also receive several newsletters per year providing news and information about what’s happening in the ISAS.  Membership also entitles you to display your collection at any ISAS or Central States sponsored artifact show held throughout the country.